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A typical body swap story, also written with TweeGo (aka Twine). Our runty nerdy young adult protagonist switches bodies with his intolerable mean-girl twin sister. Hijinks ensue.

This game requires ES6, HTML5 Video, and HTML5 Canvas. If you're using an obsolete web browser, you're probably out of luck. Sorry. ;( The game is tested on and should work properly with the current releases of Firefox and Chrome. Other browsers may work, but there is no guarantee.

Play Online - The game contains video media, so you may want to download it instead if your internet connection is poor.

Download Current Release - Chapter 1, Release 01.

Discord Server - Test releases are currently publicly available, and are released on the discord server. Test releases are not recommended. You probably want to wait for stable and complete public releases, but please feel free to stop by and hang out anyway!

All Downloads - Previous versions and old test releases.

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