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You've had the dubious distinction of running across the webpage of Echo Hollow. We make Weird Transformation Pr0n Games, er uh, “Gender-Bending Erotic Art Stories”. Yeah, that.

So grab yer lube and come on in! :D

Discord Server

This website is mostly just a place to keep documentation and downloads.

There is a Discord server, which is far more active, where test releases are made and development logs are kept.

Click here to join the Discord server. Hope to see you there! :D

Active Projects

The Bitch Switch! (no public release yet, test releases on Discord) - A typical body swap story, also written with TweeGo (aka Twine). Our runty nerdy young adult protagonist switches bodies with his intolerable mean-girl twin sister. Hijinks ensue.

LibEcho (no stable release yet, but perfectly usable) - fixme description.

Inactive Projects

Cassidy Chase and the Curse of Teiresias (inactive pending further LibEcho development) - This is a… gender-bending southern gothic murder mystery slow-transformation game, written with TweeGo (aka Twine). Say that five times fast!

Trapocalypse (future project, once something else is more complete) - In the post-apocalypse, mutations from radiation exposure can cause people to become more than what they seem…

Victoria's Rose (future project, once something else is more complete) - In the distant future, the luxury space-liner “HMS Victoria's Rose” down-jumps into a mine field laid by radical collectivist partisans. Her jump-drive and communications damaged, she mis-jumps to an uninhabited sector of space, then begins the slow journey home at sublight-speed, the two remaining survivors trapped in cryosleep in a malfunctioned escape pod. What changes will happen to our hero(ine), and society, during their 1000-year sleep? And what malicious force will they discover in control of the ship when they awaken?

Development Logs

Development logs are currently all on Discord, although I do intend to mirror them here when I get around to it.

You can also tune into all the commit messages there, if you want up-to-the-minute development status messages.


Since The Bitch Switch is no longer Patreon-safe, I am no longer funding it with Patreon. However, LibEcho (the open-source library containing all of the game mechanics, just none of the non-Patreon-safe story) is Patreon-enabled.

If you want to be a Patreon supporter, that's great too. But I don't think it would be appropriate for me to shill for that at the current level of completeness (or lack thereof lol).

My Patreon page.

Once more projects become active, I don't know if each one should have a separate Patreon page, or if I should just use one for everything. Let me know what you think about that.

Other Stuff

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